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Company films

Here you will find all videos on everything about MiniTec.

Image film
Company tour

Profile system

Here you will find all videos on our profile system, suitable components and their handling.

Overview MiniTec profile system
Connection technology
Power-lock fastener 45 SF
Power-lock fastener 45 SF for closed profiles
Power-lock fastener N45 - connect later
Cross-connector 45
Mitring profiles
Connecting profiles with the mounting angle

Workplace systems & worker guidance

Get an overview of the possible design of workstations and a first impression of how to use our worker assistance systems.

Presentation model making work table
Presentation workplace system
Presentation of assistance systems at Diakonie Kreuznach
Overview assistance system

Conveyor Systems

Matching our solutions in the field of conveyor technology, here you will find sample videos on various possible applications.

Application video driverless transport system
Presentation Roller Conveyor System (RMS)
Presentation UMS/FMS combination

Vehicle extension | Camper extension

Application examples, inspiration and ideas for your individual vehicle conversion

Camper extension for mountain biking & outdoor sports
Conversion of a horse transporter into a Tiny House on wheels

Firefighting technology

Here you will find videos showing examples of our fire service solutions, their use and different components.

Assembling horizontal equipment storage
Horizontal equipment storage installation instructions
Vertical equipment storage installation instructions
Assembling a basic mobile container rack module
Presentation respiratory protection workshop
Presentation device storage
Presentation mobile container racks
Presentation heavy duty pullout


Solution examples from a wide range of application areas at a glance.

Presentation Office-Cube
Exhibition model battery production
Presentation soldering machine
Soldering process in detail
Presentation chained plant
Overview of linear technology
Turning & milling work in our plant
Presentation digital twin