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Noise protection

Noise reduction systems for active sound insulation in industrial halls

Active noise control makes a decisive contribution to a pleasant workplace in industry. With the MiniTec components and versions for industrial sound insulation, you reduce industrial noise not only at the machines and in the production halls themselves, but also in the recreation rooms, offices and other rooms of your company. With our nose reduction cassettes, sound absorption panels, noise protection bars and noise reducing doors, we actively protect against noise caused by noise emission or by surrounding the noise source with an enclosure. Learn more

With modular system against noise

The new modular system for protection booths and noise reducing enclosures was developed by working together with the Scharemberg company in Tarmstedt, which is specialised in noise control. The modular system is based on the proven MiniTec profile system, combined with 20 mm thick noise reduction mats made of acoustic foam or 34 mm thick noise reduction cassettes. When designing the modular system, particular attention was paid to the simplest possible assembly and the greatest possible accessibility. A noise reduction of 25 dB(A) is regularly achieved by proper design of the enclosure as p34 type.

Advantages of the MiniTec noise reduction solutions

Our solutions for noise control in industry reduce the noise produced at your machines in production halls, safely and reliably. As the MiniTec noise control solutions are designed to the proven modular system, they are characterised by a high degree of economic efficiency.

The assembly and design are deliberately kept simple as standard cassettes are used. In addition, optimum accessibility also exists with doors, lifting doors and inspection windows. On request, the noise reduction solutions are also available with heat dissipation.

Extensive portfolio:
Individual noise reduction for firms

We offer you a large range of freely configurable cassettes for noise reduction. These are available in different dimensions as well as screw-on or hook-on type. They are made of high-quality galvanised steel and can be optionally painted with RAL colours. The MiniTec absorption panels are suitable not only for primary but also for secondary sound insulation. Primary sound insulation is achieved by enclosing the noise sources, while secondary sound insulation is achieved by using noise-absorbing boards in recreation rooms, master offices and other rooms. The sound absorption panels are made of resistant PU foam, are easy to bond onto different materials and are optionally available with one-sided pyramid structure.

Use the MiniTec noise protection bar to seal removable walls and door stops. This is attached completely without tools and is easy to replace.

The MiniTec doors round off our noise reduction solutions range. You can choose from diverse options, so that you can also flexibly adapt doors as well as all other components for noise reduction to your company and your industrial hall.

Preventing health damage with noise control

Acute and long-term negative effects on employees’ health, performance and well-being can result, depending on the intensity and duration of the exposure to noise. These include psychosocial effects such as waning concentration, nervousness, irritability and in extreme cases, even aggressiveness. Physiological and vegetative reactions such as hearing damage, constriction of the blood vessels, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and headaches can also result from a lack of sound insulation and a high noise level.

Excessively high noise impact and inadequate room acoustics within production halls or workshops also leads to reductions in performance and an increased risk of accidents due to impaired communication, wrong decisions due to misunderstandings and a generally increased defects rate in the production process.

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